Truths of WW III Exposed

The impossible lies we are expected to believe. THE FACTS SURROUNDING 9/11 CLEARLY SHOW WE WERE LIED TO! Our government is killing Americans to further their agenda and take-over.

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

T o solidify their hold on the American people. The FBI, The CIA, The NSA, our Politicians, The Zionist Jews, The Vatican, Our Military, The Federal Reserve, The Bilderberg and others have taken control of the United States and we are nothing more than slaves to do with as they please.

With HAARP technology and Holographic technology they are controlling every nation and that includes the United States of Zionism. This certainly isn’t America anymore.

Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy!

9/11 EXPOSED, Researched facts and analysis- Full Documentary.

Soon the United States will face some large catastrophe that has been set up by our own doing. Whether it is a major earthquake or meteor strikes or even some UFO Phenomena, Just know it is our government that has made this disaster happen, and we will suffer real deaths and loss all freedoms. Sink-holes popping up everywhere, weather conditions that are impossible are now possible, like snow at 39 or 40 degrees. We are being set-up for far worse than any 9/11 scenario and we will be under Martial Law.

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President Bush laughed in your face, Lies about the Pentagon bombing on 9/11

The truth about the lies of this and the former administration is well documented. President Bush lied his bottom off and his cabinet members were all liars.  Nothing new with our current

President George W. Bush walks across the tarm...

President George W. Bush walks across the tarmac with NFO Lt. Ryan Phillips to Navy One, an S-3B Viking jet, at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego Thursday, May 1, 2003. Flying to the USS Abraham Lincoln, the President will address the nation and spend the night aboard ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President on that front. He has proven to be an even better liar than Bush ever was.

President Bush laughed in your face while he was knowingly lying and the main stream media laughed right with him knowing that the greedy American people would follow anything they were saying no matter how stupid it was!

It was completely impossible for a 757 airliner to crash into the pentagon as was explained happened on 9/11. Our most experienced pilots whose job it was to fly at such low altitudes have made that very clear. Then this whole thing about where it hit is impossible as the plane was to large to hit at such a low area. The titanium engines would have dug holes in the ground to get that low. But even before the plane could have gotten to the pentagon it supposedly took out five light posts which would have exploded the plane before ever reaching the pentagon. I could go on and on with the lies we were told were truths. THE RE-INFORCED PENTAGON WALLS were designed to withstand just such a scenario. It would have been impossible for this plane to do that damage. Then the walls being bowed outwardly instead of crushed inwardly also shows that a plane did not hit the pentagon where they said. The grass leading up to the place where we are told the plane entered the building has no damage from the oversized plane dragging on the ground before it crashed into the building. Lie after lie was so stupid and yet the American people just swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker!

9/11 Pentagon Attack: Behind the Smoke Curtain

I am just at a loss to explain why Americans want so badly to believe the lies of 9/11. Did it make you feel so proud when President Bush said we would go after and make the guilty pay for attacking us? How he looked straight into the cameras and said that Afghanistan would be made to pay. Or when President Bush said that Iraq had to pay for supporting these terrorist when they were Saudi’s and not from Iraq or Afghanistan? When President Bush lied about all the reasons for going into Iraq, did you feel like a patriot then? He murdered thousands of Americans and we celebrated him for killing millions more.

We gave up our rights and freedoms for this liar and we call him a hero for the American people. It’s sickening and disgusting what we have become. Zionist Jews! We are the terror of the world! We are the terrorist! There is no war on terror. There is however us. We are that terror. Even in Israel, they are calling for an end to the Zionist Jews who are perpetrating so much of the terror activities around the world.

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Shoot Hoops


Amputation (Photo credit: Travis S.)


Amputation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meningococcemia survivor and quadruple amputee plays basketball

Carrissa has always been special. From her birth until her now being nineteen years of age, she has found a way to touch the hearts of so many people. This video was shared several years ago and I wanted to reshare it one more time.

Carrissa now attends ATP (Advanced Training Program) where she continues to touch hearts. To know Carrissa is to know love. She is definitely not Jesus, but she leaves a lasting impression anyhow. I pray Jesus blesses her with a happy life.

Curved knives such as this one were used, in t...

Curved knives such as this one were used, in the past, for some kinds of amputations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amputation and Surgical Set

Amputation and Surgical Set (Photo credit: VCU Libraries)

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There are many of us believing the only requirement for being next to God when we die is a simple request for forgiveness. But it is important to remember Jesus taught that God is Love

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ

English: John the Baptist baptizing Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and not one to be mocked. We will reap what we sow and God will let that seed sown come to harvest even if we asked for forgiveness. Jesus made it clear even to his disciples if they falter then that place beside him in heaven goes away.

God knows if we are repentant and he will give us the time necessary to overcome our weaknesses, in the next life. Those who just refuse to learn, God will destroy. Jesus does not teach those wicked will be tortured forever, those who refuse to learn will surely die, but not be tortured. We have experienced multiple lives and times for getting right with God. If the final judgement day isn’t now, then you may receive another life to serve God and accept him as our God. Don’t be fooled and think all you need to do is call out for forgiveness at the end and until then can lead a life not worthy of being in God’s presence and believe all will be OK. It won’t!

Jesus vehemently preached against hypocrisy and that is why he was always calling out the Pharisee’s. The law had been changed and God’s teachings were being made false by the Pharisees. Jesus said there are two laws to follow, 1) Thou shalt love thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul and all thy mind. 2) Ye love one another and all the creatures of  God. Love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is God, and God is love. The blood sacrifice had been ended and that was the main hypocrisy Jesus found in the Pharisees.



Be doers of the law and not judges.


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NSA Recruitment Officials Come Under Fire By University Students

Signs of life in the United States. Some of our bright college students are getting it. What has happened and is going in America is just wrong and we are steadily being lied to. It is the

John C. Inglis, official National Security Age...

John C. Inglis, official National Security Agency portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

younger people who will have a lifetime of misery living in a police state that should really be in fear. The older people like me have lived a life and all we can do is tell you, wake up or you will regret it! The older folks who know how wrong this is can only direct you and urge you, but if your freedom means nothing to you, then you will suffer. If your freedom is of value then you will do like these students in the video and stand for what is right.

I am not suggesting older folks won’t fight, because I know they will, but you younger people need to understand and heed the words from those who know,(the older folks), and then you must do what is necessary.Stand against tyranny or become victim to it! I would encourage all people but especially the young to listen to this video and follow suit.

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Protests – NYC

It is sad how manipulative our mainstream media has become. Hiding important news from us. Being disingenuous in their reporting of events. HIDING FACTS NECESSARY FOR US TO MAKE AND BASE decisions on. That makes them complicit in the wrong decisions Americans make. So they are just as guilty over the wars and killings occurring around the world as the lying politicians and the Jewish people controlling them.

Mainstream Media Hard at Work

Mainstream Media Hard at Work (Photo credit: wstera2)

When the average citizen is fighting the war based on lies and misconceptions  espoused by our political leaders and shared by the media knowing the falsehoods of their reporting, they are just as guilty.  When someone has to look overseas for the real news about America, because what our media is discussing is the marriage break-up between some hollywood couple, that truly is sad. And it shows just how far out of touch Americans have become.

Very little news was broadcast about the protests being held in New York City and other places around the United States. Strife and protests all around the globe have similar components;  In Turkey this is what is being said;

Mediagopoly: The Megacorps that Control Mainst...

Mediagopoly: The Megacorps that Control Mainstream Media and Much More (g1a2d0057c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

As anti-government protests continue in Istanbul, Turkish media outlets have begun reporting that the demonstrations are part of an anti-Erdogan plot organized by members of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank that is home to many former senior U.S. officials.

“Apparently, a meeting took place between some of our scholars and outsiders, and these Jews (for many, though not all, at the alleged meeting are Jews) and their fellow travelers planned the whole thing,” AEI wrote on its website Wednesday in a statement lambasting the reports.

English: "John Fortier, Research Fellow, ...

English: “John Fortier, Research Fellow, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), at the Washington Foreign Press Center Briefing on ‘The Electoral College and Battleground States.'” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Turkish reports mention several former U.S. government insiders, including Bush administration national security adviser Elliott Abrams, former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The Turkish reports also claim that Jewish officials and so-called “neo-cons” associated with the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC), America’s most prominent pro-Israel lobby, are involved in the plot, which was supposedly hatched during a secret meeting in February.

Syria, Libya and so many other events were stirred up by these same jewish leaders who control the American government. Well, you can at least watch this ONE, about Americans protesting in New York!

Protests – NYC

P!nk – Try

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Health Effects of Wireless (WiFi) Radiation

English: wireless Français : sans fils

English: wireless Français : sans fils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are being poisoned with radiation. How do we know? What can we do to protect ourselves? If you are using a wireless modem if possible use an ethernet connection and disable the wireless function on the modem. The wireless function puts out dangerous levels of radiation, and not just for the room where the modem is stored but throughout the house. This is a very serious health risk. Why are these modems not properly shielded? Not enough complaints from the consumers. Maybe after watching this seven-and-a-half minute video, you’ll change your mind.

WiFi Radiation dangers of WiFi

With the knowledge that you wireless modem is causing you and the family harm, it is time to have the companies providing the wireless take care of the harm from radiation exposure.

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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War Map
War Map

American troops are all over this region of the world. Why?

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